Livni: There are differences of opinion over the Road Map

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Sunday morning after meeting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice over breakfast in Jerusalem: “There are differences of opinion are over the road map. We must reach a basic understanding that the creation of a Palestinian state should occur only after Israel’s security is established”. Livni’s remarks were reported in Haaretz newspaper: “The situation is complicated,” Livni said. “One must understand that we have a shared interest with the moderates in the [Palestinian] Authority, and they need to understand that first there must be security, and only then a Palestinian state. The problem is not over making a joint declaration, but what its content would be”… The Haaretz report on Livni’s remarks after a breakfast meeting with Rice is here.

On Saturday evening, at the Saban Forum, Livni told the glitterati that attended that “Today, the Palestinians understand that terrorism harms their own interests. At the same time, there are problems with implementing the vision, given the current situation. There are problems with their ability to deliver, and we must strengthen the moderate leadership in order to improve the situation on the ground … We cannot turn a blind eye to the reality and the terrorism in the Gaza Strip. Therefore, we have decided to adopt a dual strategy – to isolate Hamas, to take steps against terrorism and, at the same time, to look for a vision and a common denominator with the Palestinian leadership and together to change the situation on the ground. The change must be on the ground and not just in theory. I believe that we must send a message to the Palestinian people that the situation does not have to be this way, that there is a choice. The duality must become reality. [emphasis added] However, as we try to find a common denominator, Israel’s security needs and the reality on the ground must be addressed. The formula we have chosen is the Roadmap. The Roadmap is based on the understanding that the path to establishing a Palestinian state passes through ensuring Israel’s security.
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