A "top Egyptian official" says President Abbas is requested to reopen presidential HQ in Gaza

A “top Egyptian official” has reportedly told the private Palestinian Ma’an News Agency that Egypt will request President Mahmoud Abbas to re-open Palestinian presidential headquarters in Gaza.  This is reported here

The same report says that Egypt’s President-elect AbdelFattah Sisi [who will be inaugurated in Cairo on Sunday, tomorrow] + Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will also consider opening the Rafah crossing between Egypt’s Sinai and Gaza — as long as the ‘legal’ Palestinian authorities will be ‘directing’ it…

Disorder at Gaza banks as Hamas employees protest no pay as Ramallah staff getting salaries

Gaza banks have been closed after disorder broke out at banks and ATM cash machines when the idled staff of the Palestinian Government received salary deposits in their accounts, while those hired by Hamas in Gaza since the “military” and “political” coups in June 2007 received nothing…

This is a huge internal problem, which is not being addressed with the required speed or seriousness.

Meanwhile, external pressure is building for Mahmoud Abbas action to take control of the Hamas security forces in Gaza — another explosive issue, with no indication of planning or preparation yet, either…

There is still no official Palestinian list of the new Palestinian government

The new Palestinian Government Cabinet meet in Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah’s office in Tuesday morning in Ramallah.

But, even by the end of the day, there was still not official Palestinian list of the members of the new Palestinian Government…Asked for a list on Tuesday afternoon, Dr Ehab Bseisso, the Palestinian Government Spokesman, told me a list of ministers in the new government “is being prepared” and “will be distributed to journalists”…See our post yesterday for best available information on this.

The four members of the new government who live in Gaza participated in Tuesday morning’s Cabinet meeting by videoconference — as we learned only from Twitter.

@rudoren · Per @galberger , 4 new Gaza-based ministers (barred by Israel from WB) partake via video in Palestinian Cabinet mtg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BpMgO77CAAEIskq.jpg …

The four Ministers from Gaza in the new Palestinian government
The four Ministers from Gaza in the new Palestinian government participate in cabinet meeting by videoconference

They are:
Hayfa al-Agha – Minister of Women’s Affairs
Salem as-Safa [al-Saqqa?] – Minister of Justice
Mufeed Hassayneh – Minister of Public Works + Housing
Ma’moun Abu Shahla – Minister of Labor

Ehab Bseisso also told me the four (4) ministers coming from Gaza — including the “important” Ministers of Justice + of Labor — got all the way to Erez Terminal before they were turned back and not allowed to proceed through to Ramallah for yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony. That is, the four ministers went through the Hamas checkpoint, through the Palestinian Authority checkpoint, and they walked one kilometer on foot under observation by soldiers in a military tower, before they could enter the Erez Terminal — and they then were told they could not proceed…

All this information [which he alternatively dismissed as “details”] was in the news, Dr. Bseisso said [though none of it was]. He insisted that the only question that should be asked is why Israel would not allow them through.

Why was there a videoconference today, for the cabinet meeting [but not yesterday, for the swearing-in]? After more verbal sparring, Dr. Bseisso said that they believed assurances they had received up until the last minute that everything would be fine [despite prominently-published news reports on Sunday saying that Israel would not allow the ministers from Gaza to come to Ramallah]. So, they had made no preparations for a videoconference.

However, as it was now clear that the ministers could not travel, a videoconference was arranged for today, Dr. Bseisso explained…

In remarks to journalists today in Ramallah, PM Hamdallah reportedly said that “All members of the government will go to Gaza despite the measures taken by Israel to prevent Gaza-based ministers from going to Ramallah” …apparently, even if this means travelling to Gaza via Egypt rather than via Israel. This was reported by the Times of Israel, here.

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