[Rare, Old] Palestinian banknotes sold at London auction

Al-Arabiya reported on its website today that “An Arab buyer in London has paid £65,000 (almost $100,000) for a rare Palestinian banknote that was auctioned this week in the British capital. The note, which was offered by Spink Auctions on Thursday, appeared for the first time in 40 years and was on sale with another 1,690 rare notes, many of them Palestinian”.

Rare 100-pound Palestinian banknote with special serial number
Extremely are 100-pound Palestinian banknote with special serial number

According to Al-Arabiya, “The 100-pound Palestinian note, issued in 1929, is extremely rare and has attracted great attention at the auction, Ayman Abdou, an expert in rare banknotes said this week. ‘The price which the note was sold at is not actually that expensive … At the time, this note could have bought an entire plot of land in the most beautiful parts of Palestine’, Abdou said. Abdou also said the note was particularly special because it remained in good condition, adding that its serial number is ‘A000000’. ‘The notes that have zeros are usually very rare. They are printed to be distributed amongst central banks across the world. This means it had been rare since the day it was issued’, he said”.  This story is published here.

[Land in Ramallah is going for something astronomical {like $1,000,000 a dunam or so} these days…]

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