Still no official Palestinian list of the new government – but it's being called a "national consensus government"

So far, two days after a new government was sworn in, neither the Palestinian Government Spokesperson Ehab Bseiso nor the Government Media Center that he heads in the Prime Minister’s office, have distributed a list of the ministers, or of their portfolios…

There is a page here [in Arabic] on the website of the Prime Minister’s office which has the photos of most of the cabinet ministers – but some photos are repeated two or more times, if the minister was given two or more portfolios, and it’s a bit clumsy]…
UPDATE: And there is a worthy effort done by a clever intern at the Foundation of Middle East Peace in Washington DC, here — but in the light of statements being made, and lists NOT being published, it has become clear that neither Hamdallah nor al-Ayssa are Minister of Prisoners — The fact seems to be, nobody is…

How is it that there is no official list?  This is the minimum a new government should be able to do.

Everybody expects that this is just an interim situation, but there still should be a list — unless, of course, the idea is to hide something, or to be ambiguous and unclear…

Inevitably, the conclusion is drawn that this has to be, for some reason, deliberate.

Meanwhile, we have received the text of the statement made to the media by Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah yesterday morning, after he chaired the first meeting of the new 17th Palestinian Government — which he said “is a is a national consensus government”.

Hamdallah noted that this new government “is based on the foundation of an independent and national technocracy”.

And, he said, “This government sustains the President’s vision and will implement the PLO political agenda”.

Hamdallah seemed unconcerned about, and unaware of, the difficulties media face here, but he nonetheless said: “I highly appreciate your efforts in revealing the truth about Palestine and our people’s struggle to freedom”…

In his statement to media, Hamdallah said:
“For the time being, Mr. Shawqi Al-Ayasseh will assume the role of caretaker of the Ministry of Detainees”… and he added: “the government regards transforming the Ministry of Detainees to a commission under the PLO as part of the President’s mandate, and the PLO’s responsibility”.

Hamdallah [who has long been Chairman of the Palestinian Central Elections Commission. since well before taking office following the resignation of the previous PM, Salam Fayyad] said the government “will prepare to launch the general elections” [the main mandate given to the Government two days ago by President Mahmoud Abbas]

From Twitter:
Jihan Abdalla @JihanAbdalla · Jun 2 – #Abbas says unity government meant as a transitional government and its main task is to prepare for elections قريبآ “soon”

Hamdallah told journalists that Israel’s decision to stop the four nominated Ministers from Gaza from coming to Ramallah = a deliberate “part of the occupation’s collective punishment and daily abuse and violations against the Palestinian people and their institutions. This decision is a deliberate violation of the Palestinian people’s right to self determination, elections and unity”.

Hamdallah said that “The government will uphold the responsibility to rehabilitate and restructure the Gaza Strip, and will continue executing the vital development projects”.

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