The Palestinian territories have become a donocracy

The donors run everything, and everything is geared to the donors.

Never mind that it has already been several years since staff of the non-governmental organizations working here have come to the conclusions that they fund, while Israel destroys.

Here is a comment, by Tariq Ali, in an interview idating back to 9 August 2000, criticizing another aspect of their presence in various areas around the world:

“Question: To judge from your writings you don’t appear to place much stock in the potential of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to effect change.

Answer: I don’t. In the first place, I don’t call them NGOs, I call them WGOs—Western Governmental Organizations. Some of them do decent work but by and large what they do is to buy up lots and lots of people in these countries who are not then engaged in any form of political activity or social movements, who basically pay themselves salaries, run small offices, and go on demonstrations chanting, ‘Another world is possible’. And I don’t think that’s particularly helpful, and I think increasingly now people are beginning to see through the NGO-ization process”. This comment is part of an interview with Tariq Ali published here.

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