Yes, Palestinians can be in shock, too

Ramattan News Agency published this account of the last minutes of a five month old baby who died in Gaza City on Thursday (28 February) in a second airstrike in recent weeks on the supposedly abandoned Ministry of Interior building: ” ‘The baby sucked milk, he was playing with his mother, I was reading a book when a rocket hit Ministry of Interior’, the father, Nasser Al-Boraiy, said. With the first rocket, the electric power was cut off; darkness filled the …house.
Stones and pieces of the asbestos ceiling poured on the head of the laughing baby. The explosions continued as two other rockets hit the building. ‘I looked for my baby in darkness between the ruble, I did not realize where is he, when he cried a once, I followed the direction of his voice’, the father said. ‘My hands touched my baby who was breathing hard, I felt a warm liquid on my two hands to realize that he is wounded’, Nasser Al-Boraiy said”.

The baby was killed by the shrapnel of an Israeli missile.

six-month old baby Mohammad al-Bori - killed in Gaza city 28 Feb 2008 - Ramattan News Agency

The Ramattan report continued: “The father carried his baby to the nearby Shifa Hospital, blood was streaming from his tiny head. In the hospital, the father went in a panic of hysteria to realize that his sole baby was killed. The tears showered the face of the father when he saw the shoes of the baby.

Angry Arab photo of Mohammad al-Boraiy - 28 Feb 2008

” ‘After five years of treatment from sterility, I had a baby; I do not imagine that I lost him in a second’ …

AP Photo by Hatem Moussa

The mother of the baby was shocked when she realized that she lost her baby, she fall unconscious, she laid on the bed at the reception department while her baby was in the morgue. On Thursday morning, she strongly cried when she saw the ’empty’ bed of her baby, after arrived in the house from the hospital”.

The mother of baby Mohammand - Ramattan News Agency

In this report from Gaza, Ramattan addes that “Mohammed Al-Boraiy is not the sole child who was killed in the Israeli series of air rids across the Gaza strip, three others were also killed on Wednesday evening in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalya. Medics reported that Anas Al-Manama, 10, Bilal Hijazi, 11, and Mohammed Hamada, 11, were killed in Jabalia last night in an Israeli Air Strike”.

This report can be found online here.

Twenty Palestinians were killed in Gaza today, and several in the West Bank as well.

The photo below shows a Palestinian man fainting after seeing the bodies of four children in a morgue in Beit Lahyia (in the northern Gaza Strip), also on Thursday:

man faints after seeing bodies of four children in morgue in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza - AP Photo by Adel Hana

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