Israeli FM Livni meets the third U.S. General

The Israeli foreign ministry reported that “Vice Prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni met this morning (Monday, 28 January 2008) with General William M. Fraser III, the US envoy appointed by President Bush to monitor the implementation of the Road Map peace plan.  FM Livni presented the central principal that guides the political process to General Fraser, stating that ‘Implementation of the Road Map is critical to the success of the process, and is a basic, accepted condition for the implementation the understandings the two sides will reach during negotiations, as the pathway to the creation of a Palestinian state must ensure a secure Israel’.  FM Livni briefed the General on the current security situation and emphasized that the implementation of the Road Map must be applied on the Gaza Strip as well.  ‘We are sincere in our wish to reach an agreement, and there are security parameters upon which we cannot compromise. The world cannot permit another terror state, and complete implementation of the Road Map is the main element that will prevent its establishment’.”

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