Israel: More security for the holidays – driving people nuts

There are peace talks, Israel increases the security. There is a holiday, Israel increases the security. Red and Orange alerts. The day before the Annapolis meeting, traffic in the northern part of Jerusalem and the nearby West Bank was brought to a total gridlock halt. For 3 to 5 hours, depending on the exact spot, people just sat in their cars. The theater of security.

Normally, holidays bring total indefinite closure of the Palestinian territory — now, since Gaza has been almost totally blocaded, it is the West Bank that is most affected. The announcement of the closures is not made in advance, but everybody has more or less come to expect it. The Chanukah holiday started at sunset this evening in Israel, and the country has been put on the second-highest level of alert.

Kol Israel reported tonight that “Thousands of police are to be positioned at central locations, and provide security at events taking place to mark the 8-day festival. In addition, police are setting up roadblocks at city entrances and crossing points into the Palestinian Authority“. So, this will go on until 13 December, at least …

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