Israel believes Palestinians require supervision

Headlines and reports in the Israeli press over the last few days repeat the same mantra: Palestinians require supervision:

“Defense establishment follows events at Egypt-Gaza crossing with concern: ‘The free passage of Palestinians into Egypt and back, without any supervision, significantly increases the threat coming from the Strip'”


Headlines from the Hebrew Press – 24 January 2008
Haaretz: Contacts on new arrangement – Egypt and Hamas holding contacts in effort to rebuild crossing. They will not refuse European supervision of crossing.


From Haaretz tonight:
“The head of the security-political task force at the Defense Ministry, Amos Gilad, demanded over the weekend that Egypt restore order in Rafah, where thousands of Palestinians have been crossing into Egypt from the Gaza border town through a ruptured barrier since Wednesday. At the request of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Gilad spoke to Egyptian officials and demanded that the Egyptian authorities take action to prevent the unsupervised crossing of Gazans back and forth between the two territories.

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