Israel cuts Gaza fuel

Israel has apparently not yet implemented phased sanctions against Gaza in retaliation for Qassam rocket attacks against Israel… but fuel supplies to Gaza have reportedly been stopped.

The Israeli High Court of Justice will rule next week on petitions submitted by a number of Israeli human rights groups seeking to stop an Israeli cut-off of vitally needed supplies, such as the fuel on which the Gaza power plant operates since a June 2006 Israeli air strike destroyed all the plant’s generators.

But, the Israeli military has closed the Sufa crossing through which the fuel is delivered from Israel to Gaza. So, one way or another, the fuel is cut off.

A separate decision to cut-off direct Israeli suspension of electricity supplies to Gaza is still pending, according to Israeli officials.

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Kofi Annan and Ted Turner meet Israeli PM Olmert

Former UNSG Kofi Annan, who made it one of the main goals of his administration to improve Israel’s relationship with the UN, is visiting Israel this week as part of a delegation from the UN Foundation. Ted Turner is also part of the delgation.

Annan has just inaugurated in Geneva his new Global Humanitarian Forum.

Israeli Prime Minister’s office issued the following statement: “The Prime Minister briefed the delegation on the talks being held with the Palestinians in order to reach a two-state solution in which the State of Israel and a Palestinian state live side by side in peace and security, and on his talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The delegates expressed their appreciation for the Government’s efforts to advance relations with the Palestinians…”

For more details — at least, for what’s known so far — see UN-Truth’s post here.

A Just State

A comment (by Shlomo) posted on Tony Karon’s Rootless Cosmopolitan blog on 16 September, just after the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana – which fell on 12-13 September this year), made these observations about a major change in worldview or ethos since the early days surrounding the creation of the State of Israel (14 May 1948):

“When I was at Rosh Hashana services, the congregation said a prayer for Israel, as is customary. However, the prayer book was over fifty years old, so it was not what I was used to. The main focus [then] was on a just state and a “brotherhood of humanity” – in short, moral strength. This is very different from the modern version, which is predominantly a prayer for conquest, “shielding us from our enemies”, etc – in short, military strength. Both of these prayers were by and for religious Zionists. My, how times have changed”

The comment is made to this post on the Rootless Cosmopolitan blog.


There is terror

… though it is not one-sided, but that will be elaborated in other posts, at other times.

Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel have been prevented in recent months, in fact in over a year. Qassam rockets are still being fired, still apparently mostly indiscriminately, by Palestinian militants from Gaza. Israelis going about their normal lives have been killed, as recently were some Israeli soldiers at a military training site near Gaza.

Condemnation and moral objections aside, these attacks are simply incomprehensible, even as expressions of objection and resistance to Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. [See “These Qassam attacks from Gaza are stupid and more” posted here.]

The most-read article in the Guardian newspaper’s website yesterday was: “Google Earth used to target Israel. Palestinian militants are using Google Earth to help plan their attacks on the Israeli military and other targets, the Guardian has learned”, which can be read in its entirety here.

While it has been assumed that the Palestinian militants were firing blindly — though perfecting their aim, as their technological prowess increased, with reports of the results of each strike — this report in the Guardian increases the psychological terror of the present situation, by suggesting that information freely available on the internet is helping to improve the planning of the attacks.

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There is oppression

How to describe the present situation?
For the truth to be told, there is no getting around it: one important aspect is the present occupation — the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory — and, whatever the expressed disclaimers, this has dragged oppression in its wake. Few Israelis deny it, when they speak about it — though most Israelis live their normal pleasant, loving, and sometimes stressful lives without dwelling too much on the subject.

Amira Hass, an Israeli journalist who has lived among and reported on the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza, reporting for Haaretz newspaper, wrote a few years back about the desire expressed by her Israeli compatriots that when they say they want “peace”, she believed what they really meant was “peace” as in “peace and quiet”.

Her recent reporting has taken on a more exhausted and impatient tone.
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